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Classes at North Ballet

Students at North Ballet start their training at various ages and abilities. For some, they started when they were as young as 3 years old, others found ballet during their teen years. Thus our classes often have a mix of student ages! The guidelines for initial placement are listed below, but our principle here is that while placement usually depends on age, advancement is based on ability!

Class Placement Guidelines

Young Dancer Division

  • Creative Movement: Age 3-4

  • Dance Foundations: Age 4-5

  • Pre-Ballet I: Age 5-6

  • Pre-Ballet II: Age 6-7

  • Beginning Ballet: Age 7-9

Complete Classical Ballet Program- By Placement Only

  • Level 1 (Students usually spend 2 years)

  • Level 2 (Students usually spend 2 years)

  • Level 3

  • Level 4 (Students usually spend 2 years)

  • Level 5

  • Level 6

  • Level 7

  • Level 8

Young Dancer Division

The Young Dancer Division (age 3-8) fosters development in movement, and instills a love for music and ballet in even the youngest of our students.  The earliest preparation for the study of ballet at North Ballet Academy begins by introducing students to movement and dance in fun and developmentally appropriate ways.

Childs feet on a wooden floor
Creative Movement Ages 3-4

Pre-Ballet I & II Ages 5-7
Dance Foundations Ages 4-5


Beginning Ballet Ages 7-9

Complete Classical Ballet Program


The Complete Classical Ballet Division (age 8 and up) provides the development of proper ballet technique and enables dancers to progress toward more complex aptitude in classes such as Technique, Pointe, Modern (Horton & Cunningham), Contemporary, Jazz, Pas de Deux, Repertoire, Pilates and more. Students studying the Vaganova method in collaboration with Pilates demonstrate clean lines, precision, proper alignment, flexibility and mastery of ballet technique.

Classical Division: Level III


Classical Division: Level I


Classical Division Flex


Classical Division: Level IV


Classical Division: Level II


Professional Training Program


The Professional Training Program (audition only, Levels 5-8) provides students with the opportunity to take their training to the next level.  Participants of this program aspire to dance professionally.  Class offerings includeTechnique, Pointe, Modern (Horton & Cunningham), Contemporary, Jazz, Character, Repertoire, Pas de Deux, Pilates and more. Students in this program attend daytime & evening classes & participate in competitions such as YAGP, WBC, & more! 


Professional Division: Level V-VIII


Professional Division: Pas de Deux


Recreational Division

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