Real. Exceptional. Ballet.

At North Ballet Academy, we inspire growth through the art of ballet for all who enter here.

At North Ballet Academy, we go out of our way to ensure that all who enter our Academy feel welcomed, safe, and encouraged.  As a staff and ballet community, we understand and respect that some are here with aspirations to become a professional ballet artist, while others are here for recreation and leisure.  No matter what goals each individual strives to achieve, all are welcome at North Ballet Academy and will receive expert and professional training in all classes and levels.


There is much to be gained from the study of ballet– character growth in determination, respect, hard work, leadership, perseverance, team-work, and more, as well as gained agility, good health, creativity, appreciation for art and so much more.  Leadership among older students is encouraged and nurtured; mentoring relationships are formed as older, experienced students serve in young ballet classes as Teacher Assistants.