Different than all the rest.

North Ballet Academy provides a unique, high quality educational experience that is different than anything else you will find in Minnesota.  We provide instruction and experiences inside the studio and on the stage that extend far into the lives of our students outside the walls of the Academy. 

"...both of our daughters were invited to attend Kirov Academy of Ballet year-round.  They even offered them partial scholarships!  This is a beautiful testament to the teaching & training at North Ballet! Well done!!!"


~ Parent of Professional Division Students

"The instructors push you in a positive, encouraging and helpful way so you can achieve your goals.  I have danced at many ballet studios and I feel that North Ballet exceeds my hopes and expectations in every way."


~ A student of the Complete Classical Ballet Division

"I looked at several schools before deciding on North Ballet Academy and chose them because of the quality education they provide and the level of expectation placed on their students; in and outside of the classroom. North Ballet Academy  has provided a positive environment for growth for my child and we look forward to many more years with them. They really have exceeded our expectations in every way." 


~ Parent of Dance Foundations student

"Ms. Dvorak's instruction & training programs have developed a strong foundation of ballet technique that has allowed my daughter to gain acceptance into every summer audition she had hoped to attend. "

~Parent, Complete Classical Ballet Program

"My daughter has grown an incredible amount over the three years she has studied ballet with Ms. Dvorak and under the direction of Ms. Dvorak. Ms. Dvorak has always taken very good care of her--knowing when to push her to become better, and always aware of her personal health and well-being. Ms. Dvorak genuinely cares about her students, and that comes across in both her teaching and interactions with families outside of class. Under Ms. Dvorak's tutelage & the tutelage of the North Ballet staff, my daughter has been accepted into the summer intensive programs of Bolshoi, Kirov and Ballet West, but most importantly, has found a life-long passion in ballet. "

~Parent, Complete Classical Ballet Program

"Very professional yet family friendly. I've never been in a ballet school where the students are treated so well, always with heart. Its a family owned business and you can see and feel the warmth from everyone yet still get the top notch training from respected instructors. Keep up the hard work and thank you."


"We love this academy and how friendly it is! Evident that they strive for excellence with their instructors. They are always quick to assure us and answer all our questions. They have gone out of their way to provide us information and keep us well informed."


"North Ballet is operated by the most qualified and caring people your children could be associated with. Their students always come first even at the expense of the studio. You could not select a more dedicated group of instructors or owners. Five star rating would be considered a minimum rating."


"Always very clean and very professional. Love the instructors!"

"Amazing family friendly studio!" ~Parent, Young Dancer Division

"The owner is passionate about quality ballet and strives to create a rich environment, with top notch instructors. My girls have grown to love and respect ballet during their time at the North Ballet Academy."

~Parent, Complete Classical Ballet Program

"Thank you so much for a great experience at North Ballet! Ballet means so much to me, and this is a wonderful place to take it!" ~Student

"Over the years my children have had studied ballet, Ms. Dvorak continues to stand out as a stellar instructor & director. She is the perfect combination of a high standard of instruction for the student and a sincere heart for the whole person. Ms. Dvorak has high expectations for her students, as well she should, and as a Bolshoi Academy graduate she raises the bar to the highest quality of pure ballet. At the same time, she motivates her students out of a genuine love for the art itself as well as for people, and I watch my children gain incredible posture and confidence as they strive to do their best for their beloved teacher, knowing she truly cares for each one of them individually. She pushes them beyond what they thought they could do, and the thrill of that accomplishment is truly a pleasure and a privilege to witness, certainly as a neutral observer, but especially as a mom. I knew little about ballet until my children began studying it, but when we met Breanna and they took class with her, I could already discern something special about her. Now that I have spent eight years watching and learning more about technique and artistry, and my children have worked with a variety of instructors, that first impression has only been affirmed and solidified. Ms. Dvorak is indeed an instructor of the highest caliber, whose integrity shines through to her students. She encourages them through positive and appropriate reinforcement, never giving false praise or condescending criticism. She is approachable and kind to her students-- and their parents-- even when she is busy and tired after a long day of classes and rehearsals. It has been a joy to work with such an exceptional instructor!"

~Parent, Complete Classical Ballet Program

"My parents and I were looking for a ballet school that strictly taught ballet. We found that and more at North Ballet Academy. The teachers really strive to help you learn and do your very best. The environment is positive and I've made many friends! I always find myself looking forward to my next class there. The staff are really friendly and helpful, I wouldn't want to dance at any other place!" ~Student