About North Ballet Academy

"Through all instruction and dance experiences, North Ballet Academy inspires growth through the art of ballet."

With a team of exceptional and expert staff, North Ballet Academy offers classical ballet instruction for novice, intermediate, advanced, and adult dancers. Aimed at both the recreational dancer and the aspiring professional, North Ballet Academy provides Russian Ballet Instruction (Vaganova Syllabus) to foster the development of the art of ballet and encourage proficiency in ballet performance and choreography. Through distinct performing arts opportunities, North Ballet Academy seeks to expand the community’s exposure to, appreciation for, and understanding of ballet, movement, and music.




Our Promise to You


We know as a parent you want only the best for your dancer. When choosing the right Dance School we know you aren't just looking for sparkly tutus and recitals. You want your child to...

1. Be loved by his/her instructors as much as you love him/her because she/he isn't just a number in a computer.

2. To learn, grow, and develop lifelong skills with confidence & respect in each class that she takes.

3. To feel so inspired that when he/she leaves with that smile on their face, he/she is already counting down the days until their next class.

4. You want him/her to make friendships and memories they can look back on and enjoy.

5. You want him/her to develop a passion for the ART of ballet that will last a lifetime!


All in a safe, encouraging, and family friendly environment!

Our Methodology - Vaganova Instruction

Vaganova ballet instruction comprehensively trains dancers as they are taught ballet exercises at the barre and center floor.  This training enhances the development of proper ballet technique and enables dancers to progress toward more complex and precise dance combinations and choreography.  While the focus of each class is designed for the enjoyment of all dancers, the teaching emphasis maintains a concentration of training in foundational ballet repertoire.  Ballet class curriculum, at all levels, is founded on the Vaganova syllabus and is directed at expanding ballet terminology, raising musical awareness, and evolving choreography aptitude.


The Vaganova Academy of Russian Ballet and its unique training method has developed some of the world's most famous ballet dancers and figure skaters.


For additional information on the Vaganova method, please click here.



"I looked at several schools before deciding on North Ballet Academy and chose them because of the quality education they provide and the level of expectation placed on their students; in and outside of the classroom. North Ballet Academy  has provided a positive environment for growth for my child and we look forward to many more years with them. They really have exceeded our expectations in every way." 


~ Parent of Dance Foundations student