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Level V-VIII


In Level 5 through 8, all of the work of the prior level is consolidated, reviewed, and expanded. More advanced exercises are performed. Level 5 through 8 students in the Complete Classical Ballet Program are required to take ballet technique & pointe classes, conditioning, contemporary & jazz dance. 

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Fall 2021-2022 Schedule

(Class meets 4x per week)


Ballet & Pointe  4:45-6:45

Jazz 7:00-8:00

Contemporary 8:00-9:00


Ballet & Pointe 4:45-7:00

Conditioning 7:00-7:45


Ballet & Pointe 4:45-7:00


Conditioning 9:00-10:30

Ballet & Pointe 10:30-11:15

Partnering 11:14-12:00

Enroll by March 1st to participate in

The Spring Ballet Cinderella




~Black leoard *Revolution

~Black wrap skirt recommended styles #S12 or #531G for Pointe & Repertoire

~Pink convertible tights

~Pink canvas ballet slippers with ribbons

~Black capri leggings for Pilates, Contemporary, & Jazz

~Hair must be worn in a neat ballet bun, hair accessories are not permitted

~Pilates mat and Pilates equipment as required by instructor (see Front Desk for specifics)

~Nude turners for Jazz & Contemporary Dance


~White t-shirt

~Black tights

~Black canvas slippers

~Hair should be away from face

~Pilates equipment

~Nude turners for Jazz & Contemporary Dance

~Black Jazz Pants

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