Complete Classial Ballet Program: Level IV


In Level Four, all of the work of the Third Level is consolidated, reviewed, and expanded. More advanced exercises are performed. There is significant focus in this level on musicality and expression to develop artistry and performance skills. Students in Level Four in the Complete Classical Ballet Program are required to take ballet technique & pointe classes, Pilates, Character, & Modern (Cunningham style) classes.

2020-2021 FALL SCHEDULE:

(Class meets 5 days per week)


Jazz 5:45-6:45 (Ms. Conforti)

Ballet Technique & Pointe 7:15-8:45

(Ms. Dvorak)


Ballet Technique 4:45-6:45 (Ms. Reddy)

Pointe 6:45-7:15 (Ms. Reddy)


Ballet Technique 5:00-7:00 (Ms. Dvorak)

Pointe 7:00-7:30 (Ms. Dvorak)


Contemporary 4:45-5:45 (Ms. Conforti)

Saturdays: (Ms. Dvorak)

Ballet Technqiue 9:00-10:30

Pointe 10:30-11:00

Conditioning 11:00-11:45

Complete Classical Ballet Program: Level IV 




~Blue leotard *Revolution

~Black wrap skirt for Pointe & Character, recommended styles #S12 or #531G

~Pink convertible tights

~Pink canvas ballet slippers, with drawstring tucked in (& ribbons)

~Black Capri Leggings for Pilates

~Character Shoes: Black, Theatricals Style #TH315C (child sizes) and #TH315 (adult sizes), 1.5 inch heel

~Foot Undeez Style #H07 or #H07C recommended for Modern class, nude or light suntan (to match natural skin tone) & Canvas Turners for Contemporary

~For all female students, hair must be worn in a neat ballet bun. Hair accessories are not permitted for levels 1 and up.

~Pilates mat and Pilates equipment as required by instructor (see Front Desk for specifics)


~White t-shirt

~Black tights

~Black ballet slippers

~Hair should be worn away from face

~Pilates equipment as requested by instructor

~Canvas turners & nude Foot Undeez for Modern & Contemporary

~Black Jazz Pants for Modern & Contemporary


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"North Ballet is operated by the most qualified and caring people your children could be associated with. Their students always come first even at the expense of the studio. You could not select a more dedicated group of instructors or owners. Five star rating would be considered a minimum rating."

~North Ballet Parent