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~Class Schedule~
For more information, please view the "classes" page! Thank you!

2021-2022 Schedule

February 2022

Charity Food Drive Contest All Month Long

  7-12: Daddy Dancer Week

     17: Free Anti-inflammatory Foods 8-9pm

          (Facebook Live Nutrition Workshop)

21-26: Observation Week for Parents & Students  

May 2022

Year End Evaluations and Award Ceremony Initiations In the Mail.

      2: Sprint T-shirt Order Forms Due!

      6: Photo Day Beginning Ballet-Level 8

          (All Classes Canceled!)

      7: Photo Day Creative Movement-Pre-Ballet 2

          (All Classes Canceled!)

 9-14: Mother Dancer Week

     21: Annual Award Ceremony and Repertoire 3pm

27-30: No Classes Memorial Day Weekend!

     31: Classes Resume

August 2022

1-12: 2-Week Summer Intensive

          (Required Levels 1-8)

     5: Level 1-8 Lock-In

         (Otsego Holiday Inn & Water Park)

    12: Summer Performance- 6p

15-31: Fall Break No Classes!

March 2022

 7-12: Look for 2nd trimester Student Evaluations

        in mailboxes.

    12: Popcorn and Ballet Movie Night Free Event!

        (Bring your own Blanket, Pillow and Beverage) 

June 2022

   1-7: Mandatory In Class Dress Rehearsal

         (Spring Ballet Cinderella)

  8-9: Mandatory Stage Dress Rehearsal

         (Spring Ballet Cinderella)

    10: The Spring Ballet Cinderella-Friday 6pm

     11: The Spring Ballet Cinderella-Saturday 3pm

          (Spring Performance DVD Orders Due)

12-26: Summer Break No Classes!

     27: Summer Open House- 4:30 to 7:30p

     27: Summer Schedule Begins

           (Required Participation Students level 1-8)

September 2022

 1-5: Fall Break Continued No Classes!

    6: 2022-2023 Program Year Begins


April 2022

13-17: Spring Break

    18: Classes Resume

    19: Free Timed Nutrition and Hydration 8-9pm

         (Facebook Live Nutrition Workshop)

18-23: Ballerina Week

          (Any color Leotard, wrap skirt/tutu, Warmers)

July 2022

School Spirit Month!

Ballet Bingo Cards Available at the Front Desk 

  1-4: Closed for 4th of July Holiday

     5: Summer Schedule Resume

11-16: Hawaiian Dress up Week

    28: Fall Open House 4:30-7:30p 

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