Professional Training Program

The Professional Training Program (audition only, Levels 5-8) provides students with the opportunity to take their training to the next level.  The participants of this program aspire to dance professionally.  Class offerings include Technique, Pointe, Modern (Horton & Cunningham), Contemporary, Jazz, Character, Pas de Deux, Pilates and more. Students in the Professional Training Program also recieve weekly privates lessons and participate in ballet competitions such as YAGP, WBC & more!

How the Professional Training Program Started:

North Ballet's Academy Director, Ms. Breanna Dvorak, is the 2nd American graduate of the esteemed Bolshoi Ballet Academy in Moscow, Russia. As a Minnesota native and experienced student always struggling to find high-quality training near home, Ms. Dvorak recognized the need for exceptional Vaganova Ballet training and a program that fosters and inspires young aspiring professional dancers. She dreamed of creating a program that is not only rigorous enough to prepare students for the demands of life as a professional dancer (without traveling far from home), but a program that fosters the personal growth of each student not only through educational experiences but through performance opportunities. Behold...North Ballet Academy's Professional Training Program was born! We strive to bring high caliber dance education to dancers that want serious training around the country in a family-friendly environment that is rigorous, encouraging, and provides students with the tools they need to succeed in their goals. All classes held with us are designed to give the students the opportunity to develop and achieve in their chosen discipline of becoming a professional dancer. At North Ballet Academy, we take all our pupil's training seriously and this is why we have maintained our excellent reputation, and why we are so different from many other local schools. All of our students will receive the very best technical training from high caliber and qualified professionals whilst developing confidence, and a love of dance for many years to come. Should you choose to enroll with us, we hope your family enjoys your time with us and are confident that the training provided at North Ballet Academy is something quite exceptional!

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Frequently Asked Questions:

"What type of training will my child be getting in the Professional Training Program?" 

Our goal is to deliver the highest quality of professional training to your dancer! Our Training Program is comprised of classes that will help your dancer not only experience technical growth, but become a well- rounded, versatile dancer by taking many complimenting styles of dance that are necessary to become a professional. A PTP student's training includes: Ballet Technique, Pointe, Modern (Horton & Cunningham), Contemporary, Jazz, Character, Pas de Deux, Pilates, Flexibility classes and more! Students in the Professional Training Program also receive weekly private lessons and participate in ballet competitions such as YAGP, WBC & more!

"How many hours of training would my child be receiving each week?"

The students in the Professional Training Program receive up to 33.5 hours of training per week! This includes rehearsals & performances in Classical Ballets such as The Nutcracker through our sister company, North Ballet Youth Company (Performed in front of 1,500 audience members annually), as well as our Spring Ballet in March/April, & Student Concert in June! Students will do 3 stage performances per year!

"Does my child have to participate in competitions?"

No, however, ballet competitions such as YAGP are a fun way to improve technique & set goals to strive towards during the preparation process! There is so much personal growth and individual coaching that is gained through-out the months of preparation time.

"I am interested in the PTP, however, we don't live within driving distance! Do you have student housing?"

Great question! We do not have student housing, but rather find host families for our students that are not within driving distance from North Ballet Academy. We do our best to place the students with a host family we know they will feel comfortable with. We hope to find the perfect fit for them!

"Is this Program for male & female dancers?"

Yes! Our North Ballet Academy staff is experienced in conducting classes for both male & female dancers! We strive to bring excellence to our program in every way! To ensure that our male dancers receive training from a male instructor as well, we fly in Dr. Ken Bello from Illinois weekly to conduct our Pas de Deux, Ballet, & Male classes!"

Our Methodology - Vaganova Instruction

Vaganova ballet instruction comprehensively trains dancers as they are taught ballet exercises at the barre and center floor.  This training enhances the development of proper ballet technique and enables dancers to progress toward more complex and precise dance combinations and choreography.  While the focus of each class is designed for the enjoyment of all dancers, the teaching emphasis maintains a concentration of training in foundational ballet repertoire.  Ballet class curriculum, at all levels, is founded on the Vaganova syllabus and is directed at expanding ballet terminology, raising musical awareness, and evolving choreography aptitude.


The Vaganova Academy of Russian Ballet and its unique training method has developed some of the world's most famous ballet dancers and figure skaters.


For additional information on the Vaganova method, please click here.




"Ms. Dvorak has an extremely high standard for the dancer to work towards in every class and this has inspired my daughter to work hard to achieve her dreams. "

~Ballet Parent


"Not only is Ms. Dvorak the most positive role model and mentor I could have ever have dreamed of for my daughter, she is the most supportive, talented, and professional teacher my daughter has ever had. Ms. Dvorak has challenged her to grow more in her ballet technique than she had in her 6 years of prior training. Her attention to detail, positivity, and passion for teaching is absolutely unparalleled!! We feel so fortunate to have this kind of world-class training so close by!"

~Ballet Parent

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