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Fuel. Your. Fitness.

At North Ballet Academy, we encourage dancers to optimize their nutrition for energy, strength and prevention of illness and injury.

We understand the benefit of food as fuel to support the physical strength and growth of the dancers.  Our staff includes a Sports Dietitian that is trained in the nutrition needs of athletes.  Students will receive education in fueling for practice, performance and recovery, hydration and healthy snack ideas.  A dancer's nutrition plan is very individual and takes some trial and error, therefore students and parents will be encouraged to ask questions and can meet individually with the Dietitian.  Whether students aspire to become a professional ballet artist or choose ballet for recreation and fitness, what they learn about nutrition will help students now and for every step of their life.


Our Sports Dietitian will collaborate with a dancer to:
  • Increase his/her energy during practice

  • Offer guidance on what to eat before practice if the previous meal was missed

  • Suggest quick snack ideas for before, during and/or after practice or a performance

  • Find the right amount of fluids to take before and during practice or a performance

  • Troubleshoot how to overcome a poor appetite due to a nervous stomach 

  • Answer questions about supplements, nutritional drinks or media posts on diet advice

  • Find foods that promote healing from an illness or injury

  • Offer guidance on fueling tips for a medical condition, such as diabetes, celiac disease, a food allergy or low iron stores

An individual 30 minute meeting is included in the student's tuition.  Customized packages for several meetings are available for a fee.  Contact our Sports Dietitian by e-mail ( to request a meeting or to discuss pricing for a customized package. 

Ask the Dietitian a question.

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Sara is a Registered Dietitian that specializes in sports nutrition.  She has nearly 20 years of clinical experience working as a Dietitian in diabetes and is currently working towards a Board Certification in Sports Dietetics.  Sara advocates budget-friendly wholesome foods as fuel for fitness.  She is a proud mom of 3 active girls, a faith formation teacher and a long distance runner, recently completing the Boston Marathon.  Along with her husband she enjoys biking, skiing (water and crossing country), boating and learning about ballet!

Sara Johnson RDN, LD, CDE 

Sports Dietitian, North Ballet Academy

The Sports Dietitian role is intended to educate.

Please seek the advice of a physician or other qualified health care provider for any questions regarding your personal health or medical conditions including treatment advice and diagnosis.

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