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I am new to ballet (or new to being a ballet parent), what do I need to know?




A Dancer’s Etiquette


1. Be Prompt

You will share your desire to learn by being on time for class and ready to dance.


2. Follow North Ballet Academy’s Dress Code

Tights and leotards help your instructor to see your body for corrections and when in front of the mirror, will help you see yourself better.


3. Please, No Chewing Gum

We don’t want you to choke or get gum stuck to your shoes!


4. Let Your Body Language Show Your Desire to Learn

You are a performer, and a pleasing expression on your face is an important part of your performance. Never beat on walls or barres or sit down without being indicated to do so.


5. Secure Your Hair Neatly in a Bun

You do not want to be distracted by your hair while dancing.


6. Give Your Complete Attention to the Instructor

Do not visit during class. Class is a time to develop the technique needed to be a good dancer.


7. Finish Every Combination

Even if you make a mistake, keep trying. Continue working until the music stops or you have gone all the way across the floor. Making faces in the mirror is not appropriate.


8. Accept Corrections with Grace and a Smile

Try to mark through the corrections as they are given, and remember to apply them in every class you take.


9. Practice as if You are Performing for an Audience

Adopting this attitude will push you to be your best.


10. Thank the Instructor at the End of Class

Each day, show your appreciation with a curtsey, clapping, and saying “Thank you”.


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