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Competitive Edge ... Specialized Athlete Training

This program is designed to benefit figure skaters, football players, hockey players, gymnasts, dance teams, and other athletes who desire a "competitive edge" in their competitive fields of athleticism. Many professional athletes around the world have found great success and huge impact when supplementing their training with Russian Ballet. The Russian Bolshoi trained Director of North Ballet Academy pushes athletes enrolled in the Competitive Edge classes to improve their technique, increase flexibility, strength and agility and apply their training to their competitive field- whether it is ice, field, court, or stage- to find themselves with the "competitive edge" against their competition. 

Participants in the Athlete Division do not participate in the Spring Performance, Choreography Workshop, Incentive Program or Repertoire.


Fall Program Schedule 2018-2019:


Fridays 6:15-7:15pm

Enrolling year-round!

Dress Code: Black leotard, pink tights, & ballet shoes! Hair in a bun!

Cost: $60/month

Call the Front Desk for details today! 763.242.2993

Class placement upon Director recommendation


"My daughter is a rhythmic gymnast, and I sought out Breanna Dvorak for my daughter's ballet needs.  If you are seeking a ballet instructor of the highest quality, look no further than Breanna Dvorak.  Her knowledge and expertise in all areas of Russian ballet are simply outstanding.  She engages with her students in wonderful ways, providing hands-on correction with every form on the floor and at the barre.  After every lesson with Ms. Dvorak, my daughter comes out of the studio bounding across the room with a huge, joyful smile.  She could spend countless hours with Ms. Dvorak and never grows tired of her instruction.  I also notice in my daughter's rhythmic gymnastics routines the evidence of Ms. Dvorak's careful and thorough attention to detail in every element of dance and movement.  Having Breanna Dvorak here in the Twin Cities is an incredible blessing!"

~Jill Mount, Parent

"Our daughter Sophie is a figure skater who has enjoyed studying ballet with Ms. Dvorak for the past 3 years. We have seen a great improvement in her skating with her flexibility, technique, artistic expression, and body alignment. Ms. Dvorak has been able to tailor the class to the unique needs and wide variety of levels of the figure skaters and has also been able to challenge them to continually improve their ballet technique. As parents, we have appreciated the feedback she has given us on helping Sophie improve as a skater and dancer." ~Parent

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